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We are:

Todd R. Miller


Robin Miller

Professional Juggler

Our Commitment

We believe that every project, large or small, deserves our 100% attention.

We will always show up, as promised, and do the job until its done to your satisfaction.


We will return your calls. We're a small operation, it make take a few hours, but we will call you back.


When we're done, we will leave no trace.

In other words, whatever we do, it will look

like it was always there.


During fabrication, you're welcome to visit your project any time. Keep in mind, we are a working operation and metal is sharp and dirty.

And beautiful!

We stand behind our work. This means that if something EVER goes wrong or you have any questions or concerns, we will fix it, tweak it, whatever. We're quite proud of what we do

and we want you to be happy. ​


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